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Congratulations to Joseph Fisher, John Castaneda, Bradley Wilson, R. Samuel Postlewait, Marquita Trotter, Lori Levin, John O'Halloran, Melanie Fairman, John Cesario, Donald Nathan, James Hoey, Donna Henderson, Edward Burt, Janice Boback, Michael Schiffman, Kim Chanbonpin, Jacob Mihm, William Stanton, Michael Saken, Stephanie Lieberman, Cary Stein, Kenneth Michaels, Angela Riccio, William Gebis, and Michael Lucas for winning the 25 ISBA Mutual brief bags.

To show its appreciation in honor of Member Appreciation Month, ISBA Mutual gave away 25 goody bags, which includes a brief bag with supplies for when you are on the road. Members were invited to enter the drawing to win the following items:

  • Power Bank to Charge Your Phone
  • USB Drive to Save Files
  • The Fundamentals of Loss Prevention Handbook
  • Supplies: Notepad, Pen & Post-It Cube

The Illinois Bar Foundation (IBF) has partnered with the ISBA Mutual Insurance Company to create the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle.

This new and innovative initiative gives the opportunity to all ISBA Mutual policyholders to assist the IBF in furthering its mission of closing the gap in the civil justice system and assisting lawyers in need. The program allows ISBA Mutual policyholders to donate part or all of their dividend to the IBF upon annual renewal of their policy. Members who contribute a portion of their dividend will be enlisted in the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle while members who donate their entire dividend to the IBF will join the exclusive 100% Club. For their generous contributions, all members will receive recognition on the IBF and ISBA Mutual websites and on the ISBA blog Illinois Lawyer Now, in addition to a certificate of recognition. Members of the 100% Club also receive quarterly recognition in the Illinois Bar Journal as well as recognition in the 20 S. Clark Street offices.

ISBA Mutual Insurance Company is an Illinois malpractice insurance company created by lawyers, run by lawyers, for lawyers. Established in 1988 by the leadership of the Illinois State Bar Association, ISBA Mutual ensures Illinois lawyers have equal access to quality and fair malpractice insurance.

The ISBA Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Illinois Bar Foundation to create the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle. This program allows ISBA Mutual policyholders to donate all or part of their dividend to support the mission of the IBF. For more information on joining the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle, contact the Illinois Bar Foundation at (312) 726-6072 or

Please enjoy this gift from our malpractice insurance partner, ISBA Mutual!

At ISBA Mutual, your success is ours, and we're recognizing that fact throughout ISBA Member Appreciation Month. To help you build upon your present success and flourish in an uncertain future, we are providing another e-book to help you make your practice the best law practice it can be.

Tomorrow is Today: A Day in the Life of a Technology Oriented Law Firm is the companion piece from our 2015 Risk Management Conference, an event that is only available to lawyers we insure.

Here is what you can expect to discover in this e-book:

"If you think that most malpractice claims come from administrative errors like the failure to file documents, think again," writes Karen Erger in the April Illinois Bar Journal.

"[Consistently, the ABA's quadrennial study of malpractice claims has] found that substantive errors are the largest category of errors alleged in legal malpractice claims, Erger writes in her IBJ Loss Prevention column, sponsored by the ISBA Mutual Insurance Company. "In the 2016 study, for the first time since the 1999 study, substantive errors account for more than half of alleged errors. And the single most common error is a substantive error, namely 'Failure to Know/Properly Apply the Law,' which accounts for 15.38 percent of claims in the 2016 study. This validates the risk management maxim that dabbling in unfamiliar areas of practice is risky business, and underscores the importance of concentrating your practice on a few areas of law so that you can stay competent and capable in those areas," she writes.

In fact, administrative errors have fallen "from 30.13 percent of claims in the 2011 study to 23.15 percent in the 2016 study," Erger writes. "The study's authors suggest that '[b]etter computer calendaring systems, e-filing, electronic record keeping, and multiple modes of communication with clients appear to have assisted attorneys in managing their law practice.'"

The following 25 members won ISBA Mutual Brief Bags. Don't forget to check out our other Member Appreciation Month contests at

Winners will receive the bags by mail to the addresses provided.

John E. Thies
John E. Thies
Attorney John E. Thies, a shareholder at Webber & Thies, P.C., in Urbana, and past President of the Illinois State Bar Association was installed as the Chair of the Board of Directors for ISBA Mutual Insurance Company on March 18, 2016.

ISBA Mutual provides malpractice insurance to Illinois lawyers.

As Chair, Thies said, he will continue the ISBA Mutual’s commitment to helping Illinois lawyers achieve the highest professional standards and guard against professional liability.

“The availability of ISBA Mutual insurance is one of the most significant ISBA benefits. All the lawyers of our state owe a debt to the ISBA leaders who had the foresight to create this company in the interest of lawyers and their clients. I am delighted to serve as chair, and together with our board and staff, look forward to a strong year.”

ISBA Mutual's Basketball, Brackets and Bragging Rights event is coming up and you’re invited!

They are opening their doors, celebrating their new space, setting up 3 screens to show the action, sharing snacks and libations… Join them to mix, mingle and cheer on your favorite tourney teams. (You can even work during lulls – WiFi is available and so are private micro-offices.)

C’mon by during game time – starting at 11 a.m.:

  • First round: March 17 & 18
  • Regional finals and semifinals: March 24 & 25

The Board of Directors of ISBA Mutual Insurance voted at their December 2015 meeting to declare a $1.9 million dividend.

"We, at ISBA Mutual Insurance Company, are so proud of the progress and advancements (free policy enhancements, technology improvements and service gains) that the officers, staff and board have made this year,” said Chairman of the Board, John G. Locallo, "We are once again pleased to report a further dividend for all our member lawyers. After all, this is your Mutual and it’s a great feeling as Chairman to announce a return of your money. Have a great year!"

Efficient operations, careful risk selection and successful investment management allowed ISBA Mutual to return $18.3 million in premiums since 2000. Lawyers and law firms insured by ISBA Mutual received a dividend for the past 11 consecutive years.

ISBA Mutual provides malpractice insurance to Illinois lawyers and is available exclusively to members of the Illinois State Bar Association.

It's ISBA Member Appreciation Month, and ISBA Mutual appreciates your need to have fun while you make sure that you never miss a deadline.

To that end and in honor of the occasion, they are handing out, absolutely free, a handy tool that fits the bill. The ISBA Mutual Statute of Limitations Slide Rule only needs you as a power source.

You don't need Wi-Fi or have to wait for a download. It fits in your suit pocket. It's fast and doesn't distract you with pop-up ads and cat videos while you're using it. It's kind of a cool novelty that you can whip out to win friends and influence people.

A low-tech tool for a high tech era? Why not? Click here to request yours. And accept our thanks for being a valued ISBA member.

ISBA Mutual shares the ISBA's commitment to ensuring members understand and follow legal best practices. That's why it sponsors the ISBA's Free Online CLE, the Solo & Small Firm Practice Institute Series, Fastcase research tools and so many other ISBA programs.