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Nancy Z. Hablutzel will discuss tax-related issues with William M. Gasa on "Tax Time and Beyond."

Stephen G. Katz and Deborah E. Decker will appear with moderator Nancy Z. Hablutzel (front) on "School Discipline."
School Discipline and Tax Time and Beyond, half-hour programs presented by the Illinois State Bar Association, will air on Chicago Access Network Television, Channel 21 in Chicago in March and April. School Discipline will air on on Tuesdays, March 23 and April 6 at 10 p.m. Appearing on the show, moderated by Chicago lawyer Nancy Z. Hablutzel, are Stephen G. Katz, visiting associate director of Labor & Employment Relations at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and attorney Deborah E. Decker, of Tabet DiVito & Rothstein, LLC, in Chicago. Tax Time and Beyond will air on on Tuesdays, March 30 and April 13 at 10 p.m. Chicago lawyer Nancy Z. Hablutzel will discuss tax-related issues with William M.
Illinois will be represented at the National High School Mock Trial Championship tourney in Philadelphia by the mock trial team from Hinsdale Central High School. Hinsdale Central finished in first place in the Illinois State Bar Association High School Mock Trial Invitational, conducted March 12-13 at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Other teams in the final four were Evanston Township HS (2nd place), York HS, Elmhurst (3rd place), and Timothy Christian HS, Elmhurst (4th place). This year's trial scenario was based on the Seven Reasons to Leave the Party program of the Illinois Judges Association, which teaches students about the legal and personal consequences of drinking and driving, taking drugs and having sex. The Illinois program was co-sponsored this year by the Illinois Judges Association and the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago. Read more for complete list of 47 participating high schools, volunteers, etc.

ISBA President John O’Brien, Ohio State Bar President Barbara Howard, Judge Jane Stuart and Justice Susan Hutchinson at the Celebrating Women Luncheon on March 9 at the Standard Club. President O’Brien presented Judge Stuart and Justice Hutchinson with Presidential Commendation Awards while Howard delivered the keynote address.
The Illinois State Bar Association presented "Celebrating Women in the Profession: Reach Out and Build Our Future" on March 9. ISBA President John O’Brien presented Presidential Commendation Awards to 2nd District Appellate Justice Susan F. Hutchinson and Cook County Circuit Judge Jane L. Stuart before a crowd of over 200 at the Standard Club in Chicago. “Today we honor the women who have advanced our profession, expanded our network and are doing the work that women do so well – sharing the benefits of practicing law with the next generation,” President O’Brien said. Judge Stuart thanked the bar associations for encouraging diversity and making her feel welcome throughout her career. Barbara Howard, President of the State Bar of Ohio, delivered a rousing keynote address. “As a woman in the profession, one of the things I appreciate is that we can come together to do more collectively than as individuals,” Howard said. “We must appreciate our past as we see how many women are in the profession today.
Doreen Mahoney, wife of Illinois Bar Foundation Vice President George Mahoney, passed away Tuesday, March 9. Mr. Mahoney has requested that all memorials be directed to the Illinois Bar Foundation.
The Illinois State Bar Association and the Illinois Bar Foundation announce the resignation of IBF Executive Director Susan Lewers. After nine years at the helm of the Foundation, Susan hopes her departure will allow her to spend more time with her growing family. The Illinois Bar Foundation has grown substantially since Susan began with the Foundation in 2001. With a new Strategic Plan adopted in 2009, the Foundation has its sights on significant growth in the immediate future. Susan can be contacted at
The Illinois State Bar Association Standing Committee on Bar Services and Activities is pleased to announce the Affiliated Bar Association grant program. The grant program provides up to $750 to an affiliated bar association to plan activities which promote your bar association, the ISBA and the legal profession. To qualify for the grant, the following requirements must be met:
  1. The activities to be funded by the grant must impact the general public and not solely the legal profession. Requests for monies to be used for food or other refreshments will not be granted. Additionally, judicial appreciation nights, bar association social events, bar association retreats, or other programs that are closed to the public and attended only by members of the legal profession will not be funded.
  2. The ISBA must be recognized as a sponsor along with your affiliated bar association in any publicity and other printed materials.
  3. You must submit a report regarding the completed activity within 30 days of the event/activity. Copies of all publicity and other printed materials must be submitted with the report.
To participate in this year’s grant program, please complete an application in its entirety and return to: Janet Sosin, ISBA, Bar Services Department, 20 S. Clark St. Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60603. There is no deadline, but applications should be received well in advance of the planned activities. Please note the grant guidelines are enclosed. If you have any questions, please contact Janet M.
Eight of the 25 seats on the ISBA Board of Governors and 127 seats in the 201-member Assembly are up for election this spring. Paula Hudson Holderman was the sole candidate for 3rd vice president and is therefore elected. Members in areas where there are contested races will receive ballots in early April with results to be announced May 11. Ballot positions are listed next to the candidate’s name in contested elections. For Third Vice-President – 1 to be elected
  • Paula Hudson Holderman, Chicago
For Board of Governors – Cook County – 3 to be elected
  • Kimberly J. Anderson, Chicago              6
  • Karen McNulty Enright, Chicago            4
  • Gregg A. Garofalo, Chicago                   3
  • Russell W. Hartigan, Chicago                 2
  • Stephen M. Komie, Chicago                   1
  • Mark E. Wojcik, Chicago                        5
For Board of Governors – Area 2 (Circuits 17, 19 & 22) – 1 to be elected
  • Bernard Wysocki, Waukegan
For Board of Governors – Area 5 (Circuits 5, 6 & 11) – 1 to be elected
  • Steve Pacey, Paxton
For Board of Governors – Under 37 – Downstate – 1 to be elected
  • Jamie L. Bas, Swansea                1
  • Tara H. Ori, Waukegan               2
For Board of Governors – Under 37 – Cook – 1 to be elected
  • Gina Arquilla DeBoni, Chicago
The Illinois Bar Foundation is pleased to announce a $1,000 grant to be presented in honor of each John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award recipient.  As part of its efforts to encourage and acknowledge pro bono legal work, the Illinois Bar Foundation is partnering with the Illinois State Bar Association to enhance the recognition provided by the prestigious John C. McAndrews Award.  The Illinois Bar Foundation will award the grants in honor of the John C. McAndrews Award recipients to the Illinois not-for-profit legal aid organizations through which the awardees provide pro bono legal services. The ISBA John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award, named in memory of Rock Island attorney John McAndrews, is awarded to honor extraordinary commitments to providing or expanding the availability of free legal services to low-income Illinois residents.  The John C. McAndrews Award is bestowed upon individual lawyers, law firms and corporate law departments, and bar associations committed to providing or expanding pro bono services. The Illinois Bar Foundation is dedicated to both promoting and recognizing pro bono legal work as part of its mission to ensure meaningful access to justice, especially for those with limited means. Nominations for the John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award must be received by March 15, 2010.  Nomination forms and criteria are available at:
ISBA President John O’Brien was a special guest on Dick Kay’s popular WCPT-AM (“Progressive Talk”) radio show on February 13 to discuss foreclosures. John explained how to avoid foreclosure and the steps involved in a foreclosure. His key message was: “Hire a lawyer first.” To hear the 50-minute interview in its entirety, click here.
The Illinois State Bar Association’s Lawyer Finder Service provides referrals to local lawyers Mondays through Fridays. The Service makes referrals in a number of areas of law. Several new categories have been recently added, including:
  • Condominium law (under real estate)
  • Eminent domain (add under real estate)
  • Harassment (under civil/general)
  • HIPAA (under health care)
  • Mechanics Liens (add under collections)
  • Mortgage foreclosures (add under real estate)
  • Products liability (add under personal injury)
  • Real Estate Tax assessments (under real estate)
And: Juvenile as a stand alone listing including subcategories:
  • Juvenile/Criminal
  • Juvenile/Civil
  • Juvenile/Delinquency appeals
Military as a stand alone listing including subcategories:
  • Military/Family law
  • Military/Other civil issues
  • Military/Criminal issues
If you are currently a member of the Illinois Lawyer Finder Service and would like to add any of these categories to your profile on the referral service, contact Mary Kinsley at Illinois Lawyer Finder phone service made over 8,000 referrals in 2009.  View a statistical breakdown here. If you are not a member of the Illinois Lawyer Finder Service, join here.