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Quick Takes For Your Practice

Illinois Attorney Robert Markoff discusses three little known, but extremely effective remedies that include pre-judgment, detinue, and distress for rent. Learn more about this subject through our Free CLE channel by viewing Bob's segment "Enforcements You Should Know About (But Probably Don't) and Selling a Debtor's Property" - part of the program "Complex Asset Recovery: Fraudulent Transfers, Offshore Assets & Charging Orders."

Attorney Brian Murphy discusses why you need a plaintiff's expert, where to find them, what to provide them, and how to prepare them.

Attorney Robert Duncan discusses 4 things you need to know about pleadings when starting your legal career.

Illinois Family Law Judge Kevin Busch outlines how to effectively try an allocation of parental responsibilities case.

Illinois Attorney Kathryn Shores reviews what you should know about required periodic filings in guardianship estates.

Illinois Attorney Kenneth Lumb provides an introduction to electronic medical records.

ARDC Litigation Manager & Senior Counsel Melissa Smart discusses the ethical pitfalls of online reputation management.

Gain an understanding of what it takes to prepare an estate plan for a client from Attorney Ryan Walsh.

Attorney Donald Ramsell discusses what you should know about Illinois Medical Marijuana, and the new DUI laws.