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The Illinois State Bar Association's Lawyer Finder Service provides referrals to local lawyers Mondays through Fridays. The Service makes referrals in a number of areas of law.
Sometimes the fastest way to find the statute section that you are looking for is to browse the statute in Outline View.  Using Outline View you can see the structure of the entire statute and easily toggle back and forth between different subsections. Example: If you wanted to browse the U.S. Code to find 42 U.S.C. § 1983, you would follow these steps: 1. Select Search Statutes from the Search menu. 2. Select U.S. Code from the list of statutes and jurisdictions. 3. Underneath the title of the page there are two tabs, a Search tab and an Outline View tab.  Click on the Outline View tab. This will bring you to an expandable outline of the U.S. Code. 4. Initially, you will see a list of the Titles within the Code.  Click on the plus sign next to each Title to view the Chapters within each Title.  Then click on the plus sign next to Chapter to view each Section. a. Scroll down and expand Title 42 The Public Health and Welfare. b. Then scroll down and expand Chapter 21 Civil Rights. c. Finally scroll down a bit further and click on Sec. 1983.  Civil action for deprivation of rights. The statute text is in the panel on the right while the outline of the statute remains in the panel on the left. Questions? Call us at 1-866-773-2782 (7AM-7PM Central Mon-Fri) or e-mail
Posting your positions and resumes on the ISBA Career Center will give you great exposure to a wide array of candidates and exciting opportunities in our professional community. Looking to fill a position?
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Save money by using Fastcase -- ISBA's FREE online legal research member benefit brought to you by the ISBA and ISBA Mutual Insurance Company - with unlimited access to a 50 state and federal caselaw library, including Illinois statutes and Illinois-based federal district court cases. Learn how to use Fastcase to supplement or replace your current online legal research tool by accessing our downloadable User Guide, Online Training Demonstration, or by signing up for a free Webinar. The next Webinar -- Conducting Legal Research on Fastcase -- takes place Thursday, Dec.
Our handy soft-cover book includes full coverage of DUI decisions through June 2009! This update of our popular book of digested traffic court decisions brings you the latest cases in print, beginning with 1986, and is conveniently categorized to help you find what you're looking for quickly. Written and updated by Cook County Judge Daniel M.
To make it easier for our busy members to follow the online news site Illinois Lawyer Now, the ISBA will begin sending a digest of the site via e-mail. Members should expect the first issue of Illinois Lawyer Now Weekly to arrive in their e-mail inboxes Thursday evening. This issue will include the Practice News, Photos, Events, CLE information and legal news headlines that were featured on Illinois Lawyer Now over the past week. Weekly tips on Fastcase, legal writing and law practice management are also included. This is a benefit only available to ISBA members. Enjoy! Please send any feedback on this publication to

Looking for a legal form? Have one to share with your colleagues? ISBA members can view legal forms posted by other members and contribute their own forms by logging onto the ISBA Form Exchange. A wide variety of legal forms are already available, including Complaint for Collection of Attorneys Fees, Social Security Fee Agreement, Settlement Agreement and Release (Litigation), and Assignment of Mortgage (Real Estate) to name just a few. From the ISBA Form Exchange site, click on "View the Forms" to see the list of forms available for download or click on "Contribute a Form" to upload a form to share with your colleagues. Looking for more practice resource tools? Check out ISBA's Practice Tools for a listing of ISBA resources along with links to other resources on the Web about practice management, state and federal resources, legislative information, and information by practice area.

The Illinois State Bar Association's Lawyer Finder Service provides referrals to local lawyers Mondays through Fridays. The Service makes referrals in a number of areas of law. For the month of September, 2009, ISBA helped people in need of legal services find lawyers in the following areas:
  • Administrative Law        10
  • Animal Law            1
  • Bankruptcy            20
  • Business Law            42
  • Civil Disputes             100
  • Civil Rights            9
  • Consumer Protection        20
  • Contracts             28
  • Criminal Law            38
  • Education Law            18
  • Elder law             4
  • Employment Law        80
  • Estate/Probate Law        18
  • Family                130
  • Government Benefits        18
  • Health Law            5
  • Immigration            7
  • Insurance Disputes        7
  • Intellectual Property        9
  • Miscellaneous            3
  • Municipal Law            7
  • Personal Injury            91
  • Real Estate            49
  • Social Security            11
  • Tax                3
  • Workers Compensation        6
These numbers do not include additional referrals made through the online Lawyer Finder service. Want to be part of the ISBA Lawyer Finder Service? Call (800) 252-8908 and ask for the Legal Department, or visit Clients should call (800) 922-8757.
Wondering whether a case or statute has been covered in an ISBA newsletter? Just curious to see what's been published recently? Check out the 2008-09 newsletter index. Or, for that matter, review the indexes of every newsletter article the ISBA has produced since 1993. And if you want to order a copy of any article, just call or email Janice Ishmael at 217-525-1760 (ext. 1456) or
The premiere issue of Illinois Lawyer Now Quarterly rolls of the press last week.
The premiere issue of Illinois Lawyer Now Quarterly rolls off the press last week.
The premiere issue of the ISBA's newest print publication, Illinois Lawyer Now Quarterly, is on its way to you!  Inside the colorful Fall 2009 issue you'll find:
  • Highlights of Illinois' New Rules of Professional Responsibility
  • Notes from a "Tweeting Judge"
  • Summary of new public acts (Capitol Chronicle)
  • Formal notice of upcoming ISBA elections
  • Practice "SURVIVAL" tips during challenging economic times
  • Rules on setting boundaries for clients
  • An overview of the upcoming Solo & Small Firm Conference
  • CLE Calendar of Events
  • Obituaries
  • Pictures from ISBA outings and courthouses around the state
  • Midyear Meeting preview
  • And more!
Click here to view the Illinois Lawyer Now Quarterly online.